Six Characters In Search of a Photograph


Titled Six Characters In Search of a Photograph, after Luigi Pirandello’s famous play Six Characters In Search of an Author, a play that blurs reality with acting, Fausta Facciponte’s photographic series explores the social constructs of the art world: its players and activities.

Using a collection of decorative household items, Fausta composes each image around a central protagonist: the artist, the curator, the collector, and the muse are arranged in a fictional display. Garish ceramic figurines, other bric-a-brac such as kitsch landscape paintings, cocktail glasses, and ornamental frames are crammed into a careful composition that is set between mirrors.

The photographs shuffle order with chaos, appear both congruous and incongruous, and collide the real with the artificial. In an attempt to define the art world, each photograph becomes a visual euphemism that loses its content in a florid display.