I didn’t become an artist; the child in me never stopped playing and the title “artist” seemed to put the adult in me at ease.

The child-self collects and builds things with gumption and audacity and when her hands are not moving she is playing in her head. This is serious play that requires the assistance of the adult-self. The adult agrees to be the employee to the artwork and to take orders from the petulant child and the child agrees to keep playing and to protect itself.



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  1. Dear Fausta,
    I have just discovered your work on the net. I am impressed and I love it. I also feel less lonely 😉 because I am a photographer too fascinated with dolls since walk of fate in a flea market in Paris, I did not stop since but it seems that my photos give the chills to people…Anyway, the similarity of message in our respective works is staggering :
    So I would be very much interested to follow your work, exchange with you, and If I may ask so have your opinion on my work.
    Looking forwards to hear from you,
    Best regards

    1. Hello Fabienne. I’m so glad you found me. We share the same sensibility and I would love to stay in touch. Your work is so beautiful and I especially love the dolls you found and the way you have photographed them. As a series, the idea of walking is evident in your work. The encounter with each creature is unique and as for giving people the chills …I always see that as a compliment but it has much to do with the uncanny and reminding viewers about the fragility of the human condition. I hope you will continue to photograph the dolls as you walk and they find you. They really beg to be photographed! I’m looking to return to this series in my work and it would be fantastic to correspond with you.

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